Welcome to the Reborngames Contribute page.

This page explains how to become a guest writer or just simply share stories and advice.

How to Become a Guest Writer

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Guest writers are writers who occasionally write articles for this magazine. Writers who want to apply to write for Reborngames must have previous experience and a few writing samples. Applicants must also have some kind of background in teaching or child development.

To apply, send an email and writing samples via the Contact page on this site. In the email body, give a summary of experience and reasons for writing for the magazine. Writers from anywhere can apply as this is a remote opportunity.

How to Share Stories and Advice

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Readers with relevant knowledge can share their stories and advice. Just a little writing experience is required. Send the advice or story to the team via the Contact page. The reader’s name and country of origin should be included. They should also briefly explain what their experience is.

The stories and advice will then be incorporated into articles where relevant. The magazine writers create these articles. Any contributions by readers will include a reference to that reader. Readers can send in as many pieces of advice (backed by experience and proof of such) as they want. Stories can even be about personal experience.

It is great hearing from readers. However, please understand that not all submissions may be relevant or usable. The editorial team select what they can and cannot use. For guest writer applications, there is a rigorous selection process. Not all applicants will fit in with the culture portrayed by the magazine.

Once an email is received, the team will respond within seven days. As there are hundreds of emails coming in every day, it is important to be patient. If there has been no response from the magazine after four weeks, it means that a submission or applicant was unsuccessful. Please don’t take it personally. However, they are free to try again.

It is excellent when new writers join the team. It is also great to receive new insights and stories from readers. Everyone is invited and encouraged to give it a shot. The magazine loves hearing from readers. Please follow all the instructions to the letter. Running a magazine can be pretty hectic, and time is limited. The team will only look at emails that are clear and easy to understand.